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Friday Morning Skate: Top 5 Bruins Free Agency Targets

Malcolm Subban week has been fun, thanks everyone.
Malcolm Subban week has been fun, thanks everyone.

This sunday is Free Agency Frenzy and the Euro 2012 final so I plan on being in front of a computer or TV most of the day checking on this. Obviously the Bruins have not-that-much cap space to play with but if Thomas moves then we might be able to make a big splash. After the jump, the top 5 players I think the Bruins should go after on July 1st. Media Coverage for FA Day:

  • Noon-3pm: TSN Coverage on NHL Network in the USA
  • twitter: @TSNBobMcKenzie, @DarrenDreger
  • Right here we'll be posting when the Bruins sign guys (and maybe when interesting former Bruins do things, no promises)

5. Ray Whitney, F

Ray's pretty damn good for an old man, and would look good in Black and Gold. Veteran grit and all of that fun stuff. Coveted, for sure.

4. Shaq, F

The Big Aristotle could be moved to the blueline and help out there. Sure he can't skate that well but he could out-Gill Hal Gill (I mean Hal Gill now where he is still alright at defense) and having him and Chara standing next to each other would be pretty imposing. Probably would be cheap, and he already knows his way to the arena.

3. Mario Balotelli, F

The Bruins need help on the powerplay and Balotelli has a great shot. After just scoring 2 to put Italy (of all teams) through to the finals, the Bruins should make a push to pick him up in the next transfer window.

2. Dominik Hasek, G

The Dominator is still playing in the Czech Republic, he'd be cheap, and we need an absolutely nuts goalie to replace the hole in my heart that Timmy left. See:

Check out the Red Wings announcers in here "What was he supposed to do???"

1. Per-Johan "Pebben" Axelsson, LW

Like it was even a question. needs 3 more games to hit 800 NHL games. Character guy. Veteran leader. It's time for him to come home.