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Monday Morning Skate: Somebody Let Grampa on Facebook Again

Dwight King doesn't take <strike>years</strike> days off
Dwight King doesn't take years days off

Well it looks like Tim Thomas wasn't just goalie-crazy. He's also vaguely-racist-world-conspiracy-crazy. Which is a shame, really. I liked the guy. Especially when he was in net. I mean, deep down I know most of the millionaire athletes I root for are varying degrees between bad people and selfish, well, millionaires, but I prefer it when its not thrown around as vehemently. Oh well, R.I.P.

Game tonight:

  • 8:00pm: Game 3: Devils v Kings (0-2) NBCSports, CBC, RDS
Will we see a third OT?

Highlight of the weekend:

Today is, I believe, the last day to vote for the NHL cover player. Vote for Pekka Rinne, he's up against noted jerk Claude Giroux. Remember when Giroux concussed Bergeron last year in the playoffs? Vote Rinne:

Oh, and also the Kings won again. Unreal. Here's a sweet inside-the-net cam view of the OTGWG.