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Wednesday Morning Skate: I'm So Paid, and I $mell Like The Vault

Anybody seen the keys to today's Ferrari?
Anybody seen the keys to today's Ferrari?

No matter what ends up happening with Thomas, I'm pretty sure he's done as a Bruin. Which gives RFA Tuukka Rask a little bit of leverage. He won't get UFA money but if I were friends with him I'd be asking for rides in his personal helicopter. That's right, he'll be making Vitamin Water money like Steve Nash.

Tonight's game: Kings v Devils, game 4, Devils better win or it's the last game of the year!.

  • 8:00pm, NBCSports (lol), CBC, RDS


This is approximately how rich Tuukka Rask is going to be this summer. $MELL LIKE THE VAULT