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Thursday Morning Skate: Bruins Still Cup Champions for 2 More Days

Almost, Dwight.  Almost.
Almost, Dwight. Almost.

2 more days to enjoy the Boston Bruins as the last team to take the cup from Bettman. Use them wisely. Remember that? Vancouver fans chant "BETT MAN SUCKS BETT MAN SUCKS" as they bring out the cup. Bettman says his part. Chara skates over, turns back, points at the team. Bettman hands it to Chara. Chara flips his...lid. Chara hands it to Recchi. Recchi hands it to Bergeron. Bergeron hands it to 2011 Conn Smythe Winner Tim Thomas. Thomas hands it to Kaberle * record scratch *


Then Ference, Thornton, Seidenberg, Ryder, Kelly, Horton, Hnidy, Campbell, Paille, 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Leading Scorer David Krejci, Lucic, Peverley, Boychuk, McQuaid, Marchand, Rookie Tyler Seguin, Rask, Kampfer, Whitfield, Arniel, Johnny Bucyk, some guy I don't recognize, Peter Chiarelli, and then the video cuts out.

...not that I watched it last night or anything. Drink it all in, folks. Gotta wait another year to see if we get another one:


Highlight of the night:

Has anyone else been watching Darryl Sutter pressers? They're funny in a more-reserved-Norm-Macdonald sort of way. He's like a very calm Tortorella, I think. I dunno, but it's a highlight I look for every time. He doesn't hold back. They're fun.