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Fresh Links: Midpoint Edition

PEBBEN!!!1 via <a href="">Slidingsideways on Flickr</a>
PEBBEN!!!1 via Slidingsideways on Flickr

Today is the midpoint of the Bruins' offseason! HOORAY! Now instead of counting up, we can begin the countdown. 84 days to go until opening night. We can do this. Power through.

No update as of yet on P.J. Axelsson's status or which NHL teams have shown an interest. If one of them isn't the Bruins, I suggest some sort of rally outside the Garden. It would probably look something like the photo Corny used in his Morning Skate today. Also, I have no idea who suggested he hold a boombox outside of Pebben's agent's office, it certainly wasn't me.

After the jump, a Goon movie review, thoughts on Tuukka as starting goaltender, a look around the Northeast, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Matt Kalman asks - can anyone dethrone the Bruins in the Northeast Division? [CBS Boston]
  • Tuukka Rask is your starter for next season. Is he ready? [THW]

NHL News:

  • Who are the top remaining NHL free agents? [Bleedin' Blue]
  • Here are some hilarious GIFS from last season. [The Score]
  • The Leafs made an offer for Jonathan Bernier. LOL. [PPP]
  • The Red Wings made a pitch for Rick Nash, and Columbus said LOL NO. [MLive]
  • Here's a really in-depth review of Goon. Good stuff. [Defending Big D]
  • The Capitals named Calle Johansson as their new assistant coach. [Post]
  • Why did Rick Nash REALLY not want to go to Canada? Ryan Lambert explains. [The Score]