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Fresh Links: Really, Timmy? Edition

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I miss you, Stanley.
I miss you, Stanley.

I'm tired of Tim Thomas. There, I said it. Timmy, you were my favorite player. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt with all the nonsense last spring, but that facebook post crossed a line.

I Officially Don't Like You Anymore.

I have to go to a work party and say goodbye to a coworker right now, so that's all I'll say on the matter. Good links after the jump, including Steph on the Thomas thing, much more coherently than i could ever be.

Bruins News:

  • Remember when that poster from Mile High Hockey came in here and was asking all about the Bruins? Here is that post! [MHH]
  • Here is the illustrious Steph, calmly analyzing Tim Thomas' actions. Good work. [Jurassic Wars]
  • Someone on the Bruins doesn't like what Tim Thomas posted. I bet it was Ference. [WEEI]
  • Hey let's read about how awesome Claude Julien is again! [NESN]

NHL News:

  • Alex Semin signed a 1 year, $7 million deal with the Hurricanes yesterday. [Herald Sun]
  • Remember that Kings clock gaffe? Turns out it was human error. [CBS Sports]
  • Jack Jablonski inspired tons of people to go to a fundraiser last night. [Twin Cities]
  • Shane Doan will be briefed on the Coyotes sale today. [USA today]
  • Bobby Butler is on waivers. [Canoe]
  • Scotty Bowman and Barry Smith will coach the alumni teams at the Winter Classic this year. [Freep]