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Thursday Morning Skate: Sami Salo to hunt Brad Marchand 4 times this year :(

When will the violence end? :(
When will the violence end? :(

While looking over the signings so far this silly season, one stood out to me:

  • Jul 1 - Sami Salo (D) - Tampa Bay - $7.5m/2y ($3.75aav)

This worries me. As you may remember, the last time the Bruins played the Canucks Sami Salo went in for a vicious hit on our own Brad Marchand, who had no choice but to clip the heck out of Salo protect himself. Now Brad's going to be scared for his life 4 times a year instead of just once. Poor Brad.

Sami Salo Highlight:

Oh wait, THAT's what happened? Sheesh, Brad. Calm down already.