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Fresh Links: Now What, Rick Nash? Edition

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Because America.
Because America.

So apparently the Bruins made a run in the Zach Parise sweepstakes and got nowhere. It's okay though, he's now buried in the Western Conference and the Devils just got a lot less scary.

Also, America: we wanted him and Suter to sign on Independence day, and they delivered. Rock on. So Rick Nash, the ball's pretty much in your court, now.

After the jump, there's not much Bruins news but we can deal, a few other signings happened, the Blue Jackets are sad, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Another Massachusetts native, Wayne Simpson, was one of this year's development camp invitees. [Boxborough Patch]
  • Was it a mistake for the Bruins to sit out the Zach Parise sweepstakes? [Mass Live]
  • ....Even though they reportedly made a push for Parise anyways? [WEEI]

NHL News:

  • Here's something interesting: an argument for renaming the Norris Trophy the 'Orr.' [THW]
  • So what's the deal with the Wild's cap space now? [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Phoenix's Brett MacLean, who suffered a cardiac incident while playing the other day, is in the hospital and 'improving.' [AZ Central]
  • The Canucks and Oilers made two minor signings this morning. [PHT]
  • What happens to the AHL if the NHL is locked out this season? [THW]
  • Matt Carle signed for six years with the Lightning. Talk about an inflated market... [USA Today]
  • Where will Rick Nash go? [CBJ Xtra]
  • Al Montoya talks about signing in Winnipeg. [WPG Free Press]