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Friday Morning Skate: Oh Captain My (high-value) Captain

He's so tall, too!
He's so tall, too!

With all the talk about the ridiculous (Dennis Wideman for 5.25, anybody?) cap hits that are getting thrown around right now, I'd like to take a minute to appreciate just how good Zdeno Chara's contract really is. Here it is, courtesy of


Just marvel at that. Zdeno Chara is a perennial Norris contender, All-Star, high-scoring defenseman. We know we can see him try to top his own record for hardest shot (again) for at least a couple more years. He's a fitness fiend so we don't have to worry too much about the length of the contract, and it's not a 35+ contract so if he retires he's off the cap. Nothing to not like.

Zdeno Chara Highlight:

Bruins defensemen who have scored hat tricks: Robert Gordon Orr, Raymond Jean Bourque, Glen Edwin Wesley, Zdeno Chara. That's the whole list, and I think you'll agree it's pretty elite company.