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Fresh Links: Back to Waiting Weekend Edition

Why are his arms out like that?
Why are his arms out like that?

With development camp over, it's back to watching the Rick Nash sweepstakes from (hopefully) afar and waiting for training camp to start. Not a ton of Bruins news to go over that hasn't been looked at in previous days as camp was going on, but let's take a look.

After the jump, Ryan Spooner keeps learning, Tommy Cross gets a free lunch, and Roberto Luongo finds "Chelsea Dagger" catchy.

Bruins News

  • As has been reported, the Bruins made Zach Parise a "significant offer." We know that they can clear Savard's $4 million off the books, but if they're making that kind of offer you have to think they feel they can move Timmy's $5 million in a trade, right? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Ryan Spooner might not have a place on the Bruins' roster right away, but he's getting rave reviews on his work ethic and his willingness to learn. [Globe]
  • Tommy Cross was finally able to have the Bruins pay for him at development camp. That must've sucked for five years having to pay your own way while pretty much everyone else gets stuff paid for. [Globe]
  • Nash still hasn't been traded yet, but the Bruins are on his list of approved teams. If they were willing to go after Parise, would they be willing to go after Nash? Personally I think the asking price is way too high, but we'll see. [NESN]

NHL News

  • To nobody's surprise, Wild fans are excited about next year and snapping up season tickets like plaid lumberjack shirts. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The top 30 free agents left, with a giant drop after Selanne, Semin and Doan. [NHL]
  • Looks like a Roberto Luongo is moving on from Vancouver, and wouldn't mind going to Chicago. Boy would that be interesting. Check out the FanPost about it on the sidebar. [Puck Daddy]
  • Doan reportedly has 11 teams interested in him. The Bruins aren't named as one of the teams, but really why wouldn't they be interested in him? I do think he should stay in Phoenix, though. [ [Puck Daddy]