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Fresh Links: Live From New York It's Jeremy Jacobs Edition

Sweet beads, Mr. Jacobs.
Sweet beads, Mr. Jacobs.

So talks are continuing at the NHL offices regarding the NHL labor situation, and who's there from the Bruins? Our very own owner, Jeremy Jacobs. The other two owners present are Ted Leonsis of the Capitals and Craig Leipold of the Wild. Interesting. Leonsis has been known as a very progressive owner, and while Jacobs was trashed years ago for being thrifty, the Bruins have become a spending-to-the-cap team in the past few years. It's probably a really good thing to have these two involved.

Today is August 1st. Every new month means we're a little bit closer to the offseason being OVER. Thank god. Today marks 71 days until the planned opening night of the season; so, Marc Savard's old jersey number days to go! (or Jiri Sleger days. But who likes Jiri Sleger anyways.)

After the jump, Shane Doan is seeing other people, a hockey fan's guide to the Summer Olympics, and some labor talk details...

Bruins News:

  • A fan's take on Chris Kelly: why he is a great asset to the Bruins. [Yahoo]
  • This article on the Bruins' quiet offseason is worth it for the horrible headline pun. [SB Nation]

NHL News:

  • Who are the top 30 remaining free agents? [NHL]
  • Shane Doan visited Vancouver to meet with the Canucks. [Province]
  • Here's a good update on where the labor talks are at. [NY Times]
  • The Flyers signed Peter Laviolette to a multi-year contract extension today. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Remember all those "keeper of the Cup" articles last year? Here's a Kings-flavored one. [ESPN]
  • And finally, here's comedy king Down Goes Brown with a hockey fan's guide to the hockeyless Olympics. [DGB]