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Fresh Links: Let's Talk About Road Trips Edition

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Ty Ty says: Go Away, Patches.
Ty Ty says: Go Away, Patches.

In further "denial that the lockout is happening" news, I've already started planning my road trip to Chicago and Nashville in February to see the Bruins. Awesome.

Let's plan some fake road trips. What do you think the coolest place to see a Bruins game outside of the Northeast would be?

In links today, more CBA fail, hilarious stuff about hockeyyyyinsiderrrrr, and a pair of signings.

Bruins News:

  • lol.
  • Kidding, here's a thing from Ty Anderson: top five dream Bruins. [hockeybuzz]
  • How will the lockout affect things in Boston? [South Coast Today]

NHL News:

  • So Hockeyyinsiderr was the big story of the day yesterday. Seriously, this offseason. #isitoctoberyet [The Score]
  • Somebody call 911, Max Pacioretty just signed for six years with Montreal. [Globe and Mail]
  • Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are at labor talks in Toronto. [ABC News]
  • Oh right, the Devils have to forfeit a first rounder still! Would they do it next year if there were a lockout? [In Lou We Trust]
  • JS GIguere signed a one-year deal with the Avalanche yesterday. [TSN]