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Fresh Links: Milan Lucic Is On Twitter Edition


Yep, it's happened - the Bruins' own Milan Lucic now has a twitter. He's @milanlucic4. Andrew Ference has already hooked him up with a sweet South Park Canadian avatar. Awesome.

This is his best tweet so far:

Meanwhile, last night was the Lowell Spinner's "Win a Date With Tyler Seguin", and the highlight of the night was definitely the fact that he almost got hit in the head with a foul ball.

Also, speaking of Lowell and sports with bats and balls, Lucic's annual softball game is coming up soon. Check his twitter for details.

After the jump, your daily dose of CBA nonsense, and an update from Henrik Lundqvist regarding his NHL Awards f-bomb...

Bruins News:

  • Former Bruin Matt Lashoff is off to Switzerland to play this season. You may remember him as "one of the things we traded for Mark Recchi." [Globe]
  • Here is a summation of Shawn Thornton's charity work. Awesome. [Masslive]
  • Tyler Seguin got to see a Spinners win last night yay! [Lowell Sun]

NHL News:

  • Here's an exclusive interview with Henrik Lundqvist. Watch this before you read any annoying CBA stuff. [BSU]
  • Gary Bettman is not impressed with the NHLPA's offer. In other news, water is wet. [NYT]
  • The Canadiens are still working on PK Subban's contract. Could they land Shane Doan, too? [London Free Press]
  • Which teams would a lockout hurt the most?