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2011-12 Boston Bruins Player Report Cards: Like, OMG! TyTy <3



Like, OMG! Tyler had SUCH a great YEAR I'M SO EXCITED!!! Like, not only did he score more goals than ANY OTHER BRUIN but he, like, totally scored more points, too! And fourth in assists, lol! What a dreamboat <3 <3 <3

TyTy had an amazing sophomore season (by points, 6th BEST EVERRRRRR). Aside from filming some Under Armour ads up in Canada and, like, sleeping through his alarm in Winnipeg (TyTy: "Sorry I party. YOLO!") Tyler fielded prom invites and marriage proposals more often than he was scoring (if you know what I mean, lol!)

Let's get fancy for a minute here because OMG TyTy look even betterrrrrrrrrrr when you doooooo!!!!1!!!!!!


So, like, the way to read this, like, is that it's measuring Corsi% during 5v5 situations where the score is close. The numbers are from Basically the higher the number, the better the game is going in that situation. Black is Seguin with the player listed below, Red is TyTy all by himself, without the player listed. Gold is the player without Seguin. As you can see through star-crossed eyes, TyTy is not only a dreamboat, he's also a damn good player.

And he's only getting better....

How about a hat trick?

Grade: A+++++++