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Friday Morning Skate: Meet The Bruins Governors

Hero, Jerk, please-don't-hurt-me
Hero, Jerk, please-don't-hurt-me

Good morning and happy Friday! Unfortunately today I have a relatively serious topic to get into: Who are the Governors for the Bruins? It's actually a pretty long list relative to other teams' governors. The Governor of the team is the person who serves on the NHL Board of Governors, who run the league. They tell Gary Bettman when to lock out, whether Jim Balsillie is allowed to move the Predators Penguins Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario. The Chair of the Board of Governors is no other than Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs.


Mr. Jacobs has owned the Boston Bruins for more than thirty years and is one of the most respected sports business leaders in the world. He has served as Chairman of the NHL Board of Governors since 2007 and serves on its Executive Committee. He is frequently cited as one of the most influential people in sports business.

But it's not just Jeremy that will be available to cast the vote to stop the NHL from starting on time. There are also 6 alternate Governors.

  1. The first and most obvious is none other than the Principal of Delaware North and the Bruins for the past 9 years, Charlie Jacobs. The next two are also Principals of Delaware North Company, but don't have any official connection to the Bruins besides owning/running the company that owns the Bruins besides acting as Alternate Governors:
  2. Louis Jacobs
  3. Jeremy M. Jacobs, JR
  4. Harry J. Sinden, who needs no introduction for people versed in the history of the Bruins. Sinden coached the Bruins from 1966 to 1970, when he announced his retirement as coach right after the Bruins won the cup. He was fed up with management, you see. After a couple years, including coaching/GMing team Canada in the 1972 Summit Series (known as "that time we actually beat the Soviets because we couldn't in the Olympics" in Canada.) He came back to the Bruins as GM, taking over for Milt Schmidt. He stayed in the position for 28 years, becoming the first GM to get 1000 wins. M[REDACTED] O'C[REDACTED] took over for him and well yeah the early 2000s weren't super. Sinden was also President of the Bruins from 1988 to 2006
  5. Cam Neely. If you don't know who he is then I suggest you sit down with some videos for the next couple hours. Now he's President of the Bruins and finally has his name on a cup. Which owns, by the way.
  6. Peter Chiarelli. General Manager since 2006. 2011 Stanley Cup Champion. Real smart guy. If the vote comes down to him, does he go through with it? I doubt we ever find out.

So next time you're all "BETTMAN THAT JERK!!!!" remember who is telling Bettman what to do.

Happy Friday!