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Fresh Links: U Mad, Buffalo? Edition

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Even with his back turned, you're not safe, Miller.
Even with his back turned, you're not safe, Miller.

So since Milan Lucic joined Twitter, there have been some hijinks, which he gladly recapped in his interview on Toucher and Rich this morning. Most notably and unsurprisingly?

Sabres fans are still kvetching about his hit on their delicate flower of a goalie, Ryan Miller.

Raise your hand if you're shocked.

After the jump, a link to that interview, Dit Clapper's hometown honors him, and an interesting piece on what a douche Todd Bertuzzi is...

Bruins News

  • The town of Hastings honored hockey legend Dit Clapper yesterday. Really cool. [Community Press]
  • Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara made The Hockey News' list of top 50 players. [NEHJ]
  • Here's Milan Lucic from this morning on Toucher and Rich. [T&R]

NHL News:

  • A new fancy stat from NHL Numbers is really interesting - tracking TOI competition. GRAPHS! [NHL Numbers]
  • When Todd Bertuzzi was in juniors, he knocked an 11-year-old girl out with a slapshot. The girl was in goal. What a douche. [The Classical]
  • Did you know there are now jeans designed for hockey players' uniquely shaped, erm, backsides? Marketing, man. [The Star]
  • What could a lockout do for record hockey growth in the USA? Hint, it's not good. [USofH]
  • It's the owners' league, we're just living in it. Sort of. [The Score]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Samurai. Real ones. Hanging out at the Sphinx in the 1800s. Bad-ass photo or MOST bad-ass photo? [IO9]