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Thursday Morning Skate: Offersheet PK Subban

Let's make this a family affair.
Let's make this a family affair.

Apparently the Habs offered PK Subban 5.5 million for 2 years and were rightfully shot down yesterday. The Bruins should offersheet PK Subban. At the rate the Habs are offering it would only cost a 2nd-round pick. Granted, the Habs would undoubtedly match that. However, for like 4.5 million it would only be a first and third round pick.

Yes, obviously the Habs have enough cap space to match outright anything up through the 2 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd range. And the Bruins are without anything approaching "cap space." But just imagine it for a minute. And the screams of agony of your local Habs fan. mm-mm-mm-mm good, delicious.


If they did successfully offersheet him, of course, we wouldn't get to see this anymore.