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Fresh Link: ICE BEARS!! Edition

nerdy providence list
nerdy providence list

Here's your "cool story, bro" story for the day - I have this list I keep at work. On the left are all the players who were in Providence for 3/4 of the season or more, last year - on the right are all the players projected to be there this year. On my list on the left, if a player is not returning, I write their new team down and highlight it so I can find names quickly. Because I'm a nerd.

Today I got to highlight a new name. Jamie Arniel, the 97th overall pick in the 2008 NHL draft, who played three full seasons for Providence (and one NHL game in Boston) is off to Germany's DEL, to play for Eisbaren Berlin - the Berlin Ice Bears. Arniel had his best season in 09-10, and was Providence's only All-Star that season.

He's the fourth player from last year's team to jump ship for europe - Calle Ridderwall, Stefan Chaput, and Josh Hennessy committed to various euro leagues earlier this summer.

After the jump, Milan Lucic sings, the CHL wants to form a union, and Charlie Jacobs winning things...

Bruins News:

  • Charlie Jacobs won $25K competing with his horse in Halifax. That's like half an AHL player salary for one year. Welp. [Herald News]
  • Here is the Berlin press release about Jamie Arniel. [Eishockey]
  • Are David Krejci and Milan Lucic on the hot seat this season? [ESPN]
  • Milan Lucic can't sing. Here is proof. [CBS Local]

NHL News:

  • Players in the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL want to form a union. That's so cute. [Peterborough Examiner]
  • Two ECHL refs are getting a promotion to the NHL this year. [ECHL]
  • While the Bruins have Besa Tsintsadze to help them with their power skating, the Maple Leafs have a world champion figure skater to help with theirs. Advantage: ?? [The Star]
  • A lockout might cancel the All-Star Game. Columbus is real mad. [Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • Popeye Jones' son might go top-3 overall this coming draft. This is a neat look at how the son of a basketball superstar got going in hockey. [CSN Washington]
  • What does a player's day with the Cup tell us about his personality? [Puck Daddy]