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Thursday Morning Skate: Celebrating Larry Melnyk

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Waaaaiiiiting is the hardest part....
Waaaaiiiiting is the hardest part....

Unless you were a fan in the early 80s, you probably don't remember Larry Melnyk. He leads the Bruins all-time in Games Played Without a Goal with 75. 75 games, no goals. 12 assists, 123 PIMs, 72 shots, and a -7 overall. Then the Bruins traded him to Edmonton for John Blum, who the Bruins lost to the Caps via a "Waiver draft." Whatever. Larry went on to win 2 cups with Edmonton and then ended up playing for the Rangers and Canucks, but retired after 10 years in the NHL due to chronic back pain. He is now listed as a player for Oldtimers Hockey.

Here's to you, Larry Melnyk. Wherever you are. I think he might be a Police Sergeant/Science Teacher/President of the Burnaby Tennis club/guy who shows up as an NHL Alum at events and camps, living in British Columbia. But I can't say for sure.


Hmmm, punishing defenseman rubs out a hab near the end of the bench...wearing 33...