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Fresh Links: Let's Learn About The AHL Edition

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softball superstar
softball superstar

So a few cool links about the AHL today and how it works. Things I learned:

- I get paid more than some AHLers, but I also don't get all the free stuff that hockey players get
- The highest paid AHLer makes less than Shawn Thornton but not by much

And some other stuff too, idk. Go read the article.

After the jump, Nail Yakupov fell off a treadmill, NHLers want to stamp out diving, and Rock & Jock Softball was again a success...

Bruins News:

  • Dennis Seidenberg wants to play in Germany if there's a lockout. [Globe]
  • Woo Rock & Jock softball! [Lowell Sun]
  • Apparently a tower of apartments is going up over the TD Garden? [Biz Journal]

NHL News:

  • What is the life of an AHL player like? [Artful Puck]
  • Money and the AHL - part two of the above piece [Artful Puck]
  • CBA talks got cancelled yesterday, and only ran for about an hour today. So productive. [Globe]
  • NHL players want a posted list of divers/embellishers in every arena. LOL. [Puck Daddy]
  • A bunch of Flyers are planning to play in the AHL if there's a lockout. [CSN Philly]
  • Nail Yakupov has a leg infection after falling off a treadmill. [PHT]