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Fresh Links: Let's Build A Lockout Team Edition

Coming soon to an AHL near you?
Coming soon to an AHL near you?

Okay. So clearly since you read the morning skate this am, you saw that we were discussing how to create a baller Providence team using the AHL's very strict veteran games limit rules. Only five guys with more than 320 professional games, one with less than 320 but more than 260, and the rest can't have played more than 260.

Here's the team I'd create - it looks a little similar to Cale's proposed lineup, with a few tweaks:

Marchand-Bergeron-Caron (on and on and on line)

Whitfield & Sauve as extras

Cohen-Warsofsky (BU BU BU!!)
Krug-Bartkowski (I might possibly also switch Florek and Bartkowski, this makes for a pretty small defense overall).

Button (7th)


I honestly wouldn't go over the limit on veterans. Chara would look comical in the AHL at this point, as would Ference, likely.

After the jump, an assortment of links, mostly lockout-related. Sorry.

Bruins News:

  • Checking in with Bruins prospect Cody Payne of the Plymouth Whalers. [Patch]

NHL News:

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  • How arbitrary are assists as a useful stat? [The Score]
  • Team employees, aka the little guys, are the ones that are REALLY going to get hurt by this lockout. [Sporting News]
  • Henrik Zetterberg is bringing a Swedish treat to the people of Detroit. [Freep]
  • Which older NHLers will probably see their careers ended by the lockout? [PHT]
  • There are so many Republican NHL owners, how shocking. [NYT]
  • George McPhee gives an interesting interview. [SBN DC]