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Fresh Links: I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore Edition

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This is a pretty good preview of how terrible the lighting is at NESC
This is a pretty good preview of how terrible the lighting is at NESC

Last year around this time, the offseason was finally starting to get boring as Stanley Cup parties wound down and news from around the league dried up. This year is like that only about a billion times worse. Finding links is the most epic of struggles.

Would anyone read a bunch of features on Providence players, out of curiosity? Since that seems to be the hockey we're all going to have to watch, this year? Preseason starts October 3, by the way. Get ready to get yourself to New England Sports Center in Marlborough and establish yourself as a hardcore baby B's fan. It's a good time.

After the jump, a lengthy feature on Tuukka Rask, Bruins fall to the Habs in jersey power rankings, and more...

Bruins News:

  • The Goalie Guild thinks that Tuukka Rask is going to have an awesome season. [The Goalie Guild]
  • The Bruins come in #2 on the Uni Watch Power Rankings list. [ESPN]

NHL News:

  • Which Predators are considering Europe as an option for the lockout? [Section 303]
  • Taking a look at the Taylor Hall contract - how risky is it? [The Score]
  • A Swedish player got promoted after punching his coach. Man, I wish it worked like that in real life. [Puck Daddy]