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Fresh Links: The Littlest Post Ever Edition

I just really like Patrice's skinny tie, you guys.
I just really like Patrice's skinny tie, you guys.

Nothing is happening and it's sort of annoying. There was a minor CBA talks update yesterday - both sides will meet again today. Over/under on today's session length is like 90 minutes, probably.

After the jump, remembering the Thrashers and Jets 1.0, an update on the Islanders' potential move, and how the new CBA might screw the Bruins...

Bruins News:

  • A lower salary cap would be really NOT good for the Bruins. [THW]

NHL News:

  • Frantisek Kaberle retired today. [IIHF]
  • Today could be pretty key for both sides of the CBA talks. [NJ]
  • Barclays Center is really interested in getting the Islanders into Brooklyn. [Newsday]
  • Remember that night a ref punched a player and a goalie choked a ref? No? Educate yourself. [Deadspin]
  • This edition of the essentials on Puck Daddy features two teams: Jets 1.0 and the Thrashers, and it's pretty good. [Yahoo]