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Tuesday Morning Skate: Still Trolling Canada

via <a href="">@sbnationGIF</a>, the moment that broke Canada's heart
via @sbnationGIF, the moment that broke Canada's heart

Oh and apparently Milan Lucic and his (girlfriend? wife? I can't keep up) are having a baby this winter. Somewhere, Terry Pegula is waking up Darcy Regier and telling him to SIGN MORE FERTILE PLAYERS. But that's not what I'm going to talk about today because I think I can only get that one joke out of it.

JINGOISM WARNING: The following content may be inappropriate for Canadian readers. Just skip ahead to the comments if you are one (we like you, promise).

I'm also going to talk about an absolutely fantastic soccer game that happened yesterday afternoon. As many watched, the United States Women's National Soccer Team took on Canada in the Olympic Semifinal for the right to play Japan in the Gold Medal Game. It was a heck of a game, with Canada taking the lead three different times and the US tying it up 3 times and finally winning it at the very end of overtime. As usually happens with USA v. Canada, many hockey tweeters were out in force for both the winning American side and those losers from Canada.

Twitter highlights:

Of course there was the usual American boasting:

Most of it was Canadians going on and on about refereeing, though:

Actually,that last one is from the author of this well-written piece on the game.

Samuel L Jackson brings that all into focus: