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Wednesday Morning Skate: Jeff Skinner's Contract Makes Seguin's Agent Smile

More cash than figure skating, that's for sure.
More cash than figure skating, that's for sure.

Bob Mackenzie broke the news last night from his hammock:

If there's one guy who should be happy about this, it's upcoming RFA Tyler "TyTy" Seguin. And his agent. You can buy a lot with 5.75 million, like a 5-bed, 9-bath house in a nice part of Raleigh. And still have half left over. The hope, of course, is that the new CBA will "fix" this and TyTy and the RFA Stars won't get big deals. But I kind of doubt that will happen, since the real problem that the CBA should address is revenue sharing instead of stealing money out of players' pockets.


This was a video of Skinner scoring a powerplay goal against Boston, but then I found this and figured it was more appropriate.