SCoC NHL 13 GM league for PS3

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Per some back and forth on this morning's skate, it seems there's some interest in starting a PS3 league for EA's new GM Connected feature in the upcoming NHL 13. As the blog's resident fantasy gaming commissioner, I'm gonna do something about it. So, PS3 owners, post in the comments or email me at tomservo42 at to join. Provided we get 29 (or close to) additional players, it's so on.

I'm brazenly lifting Days of Y'Orr's rules and regulations for their X-Box league, since it seems like a pretty solid system. Pity there's no way to have the leagues' winners compete in the end, so I guess we'll just have to be the KHL to their NHL for now. Which I guess means we're going to overpay for any lazy Ruskies and European-types in their GM league.

Anywho, cribbed and ever so slightly edited is the deets (original XBox league is here, but it's closed to new GMs):


Below is going to be a pretty rough draft of what the league will be like. Although the mode offers co-op play, we will not have it. I don't want 4 people playing on one team against one person controlling another. It's not very fair and it's not very fun. There is also some anti-cheesing in there to make sure people don't cheat.

Days of Y’Orr 30 Team Xbox 360 SCoC's much better 30 Team PS3 NHL Online League

  1. Rosters will be randomized. While teams like Pittsburgh and Boston are amazing, there’s little chance someone will pick NYI or CBJ.
  1. GM ONLY.
    • Roles: General Manager
      • A league can have between one and 30 General Managers, each vying to lead their team to success. As with previous GM modes in the EA SPORTS NHL series, a team’s GM is in charge of building the team via trades, free agent signings and the draft.
      • A GM can both be a player on his team
  1. There will be NO option for co-op play. I know the choice is there, but I want this to be a 1v1 league. It will be unfair for someone to have a team of 6 friends playing while they face 1 player.
    1. If there is a co-op game played, the Commissioner can choose one of few actions:
    2. If it is co-op vs 1 player, the person with one person on their team will win the game
    3. If it is co-op vs co-op, the game will be replayed.
    4. If the game can not be replayed, it will be simmed when the Commissioner advances the week
  1. Selecting a team
    1. Rosters will be randomized. I can’t stress this enough.
    2. After sign-ups are closed (or the game is out), I will label everyone 1-30 (or how many signups we get). I will do a randomizer on and input 1-30. The list of numbers from the generator will correspond to the person given that number and they will be able to select the team they want to manage.
  1. Schedule (this could change once I get the game in my hands)
    1. TBA
  1. Trades
    1. All trades will be reviewed by the Commissioner. If a trade is viewed as grossly skewed (let’s say: Sidney Crosby for Dan Paille), the Commissioner will ask for a reason of the trade from both GMs. After each GM says their reasoning, it will be brought before the rest of the staff involved and a decision will be made.,and the all-powerful Commish will make a ruling, because I'm judge, jury and executioner goddamit
  1. Free Agency
    1. All UFA/RFA contracts will be approved by the Commissioner.

  2. Drafting
    1. Straight from EA: The Entry Draft is done through the creation of a Draft Priority List. Rather than making players sit through a long draft process we instead allow them to create a list of their draft targets before the start of the Entry Draft and allow the computer to draft for them based on the order of their picks and who remains available.
  1. Inactivity
    1. Activity is important, duh.
    2. Any large periods of inactivity without letting the Commissioner know will result in dismissal.
    3. If there will be periods of inactivity and you DO let the Commissioner know, your team will be set to AI.
      • While under CPU GM, HUM GMs will not be allowed to trade with you.
      • HUM GMs will play against your AI team. Difficulty will be set to All-Star to (try) and replicate human play.
  2. Cheating
    1. This may blow your mind, but the NHL series is FULL of cheese goals. If someone pulls off a goal that you deem "cheese", please take a video of it (either on your phone or through the game) and send it to me. I will go over it and deem whether it was a cheese goal or not.
      • First offense: A warning and a loss on the game you cheesed
      • Second offense: "Suspension" for at least two rounds
      • Third offense: Dismissed from the league

Like I said, this is a very ROUGH draft of the league, but you can get the gist of what we're trying to do here. YES, rosters will be randomized. It will give everyone a level playing field . I am working on getting a sub-forum at a hockey board I go to so we will all have a place to shoot the shit, lets each other know who is available, etc.

If you want to sign-up, send us an e-mail at with tomservo42 at (or post in the comments if you're a user here) your name and gamertag. If there is more than 29 people, we will let you know the selections. I hope this works out because I think it can be a lot of fun.

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