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Bruins Sign Tyler Seguin To Six Year Contract Extension

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The Bruins announced on Tuesday morning that they have signed Tyler Seguin to a six-year contract extension through 2018-2019.Seguin, who had a cap hit of $3.5 million for the last two years (entry level + bonuses), will make an average of $5.75 million annually throughout the course of this deal for a grand total of $34.5 million. Seguin's deal will kick in after the 2012-2013 season.

Seguin lead the Bruins in scoring last year as a sophomore with 67 points (29 goals 38 assists) after putting up 22 points total in his regular season campaign in 2011-2012. Therefore, two comparables on this deal are the Carolina Hurricanes' Jeff Skinner and the Edmonton Oilers' Taylor Hall, who both also signed contract extensions of this magnitude. Skinner will make an average of $5.725 million over the next six years, and Taylor Hall is signed for 6 million/year for the next seven years. Neither have the point production Seguin does.

This appears to be a solid deal on Peter Chiarelli's behalf - while the length of the contract is scary on the surface (what, no three-year deal, Chiarelli?) Seguin is locked up to be the face of the franchise until he's 29, and that's a pretty comforting thought. Milan Lucic, Jordan Caron and Tuukka Rask are the team's only remaining RFAs without deals after this season.