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Fresh Links: Holding Your Breath Edition

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This probably won't be a common sight this october.
This probably won't be a common sight this october.

So there's two days until the lockout definitely happens. Anyone else still holding out a bit of hope that the NHL and PA will make a last-minute agreement and there will be hockey in October?



It totally sucks for everyone in and around the fans/players/owners. Fans can say "oh, shrug, I'll watch something else even though I really miss my sport." The owners and players can roll around in their millions; players can play somewhere else. But what about the concession stand workers when there are no games to work? The PR teams when there are no relations to be made? The advertising firms who have nothing to advertise? This sucks.

After the jump, where one Bruins forward will definitely play if there's a lockout, the players aren't exactly nice guys, and more...

Bruins News:

  • David Krejci will definitely play in the Czech Republic if there's a lockout. [PHT]
  • The Bruins showed solidarity by travelling to NYC for the league meetings together. [ESPN]
  • Here's video of Andrew Ference running the stairs against Patrick Burke yesterday. [Herald]

NHL News:

  • Can we get some common sense up in these CBA talks, please? [Yahoo]
  • Roberto Luongo is totally ok with still being a Canuck. [CBS Sports]
  • The NHL players' "nice guy" approach is falling a bit short these days. [Province]
  • Two offers were exchanged yesterday. Still no CBA. [Herald]
  • Watch this KHL goalie give up a hilariously bad goal. Second best league in the world? LOL. [With Leather]
  • Chris Phillips is suing his former agent, the same agent Dany Heatley had issues with. [Globe and Mail]
  • Ryan Lambert is going to write mean hockey things for a local charity. Check it out and give him some support. [Two Line Pass]