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Fresh Links: Something Something Chaim Weisswasser Edition

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Krejci scoooooooooores
Krejci scoooooooooores

So I woke up today and there were over 200 comments in the mourning skate? Whaat? WELCOME, PPP NATION!

Also, you can get to the site by going to now. All hail Corny.

So far the only Bruins player that has headed overseas is Anton Khudobin. The guys at Pro Goalie spoke to him yesterday and apparently it's not official yet, but it's looking to be that way soon. Start getting ready to follow KHL's HC Atlant Moscow!

Also this is (maybe) happening:

After the jump, how Milan Lucic changed the Buffalo Sabres, who you'll see in Manchester this year, and Oklahoma hockey!

Bruins News:

  • Here's a nice roundup of all the changes the Sabres have made since the Lucic-on-Miller incident happened. Verdict: LOL. [THW]
  • One thing is for sure, the Bruins are going at this lockout thing a lot differently this time around. [Patriot Ledger]
  • Here's a list of the six greatest Bruins one-hit wonders. Hint: a spectacular goal dance is at the top of the list. [NEHJ]

Maple Leafs News: (we're all in this together?)

  • You already knew that Nikolai Kulemin was headed to Magnitogorsk. Any thoughts on whether they'll try to keep him there once the lockout is lifted? []

NHL Hockey News:

  • What will Canadian networks show instead of the locked-out league? [Globe and Mail]
  • Here are the players assigned to the Monarchs. Get ready to see these guys a heck of a lot. [THW]
  • Read about the NAHL, which is one of the top-tier US junior leagues that just had a huge showcase this weekend. [Times Herald]
  • You can also read about a pair of Oklahoma University hockey players, brothers who haven't played together in 3 years but who get to now. Cute story. [OU Daily]
  • The flu bug has hit Halifax hard; the Mooseheads have had to cancel two preseason games. [Chronicle Herald]