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Fresh Links: Underage Drinking Is Bad Edition

It's almost a rite of passage at this point, for NHL-drafted players at University of North Dakota: drink a lot and get in trouble because you're not 21 yet. Jonathan Toews did it; TJ Oshie did it. Now it's Zane Gothberg's turn. Oh, Zane. Read on for details - plus the long-awaited video of Andrew Ference and Patrick Burke running stairs for the You Can Play Project, a video of Tyler Seguin in Biel (har har) and more.

Sarah Connors

Bruins News:

Zane Gothberg got, like, really, really drunk, you guys. He's facing charges. Welp. [Western College Hockey Blog]

Here's a video of Tyler Seguin after he arrived in Biel. Ha ha let's make Biel jokes. []

Dougie Hamilton's OHL team will suffer when the lockout ends - and he won't be the only reason why. [Buzzing the Net]

Remember when Andrew Ference challenged Patrick Burke to a stair run challenge? Here's the video. [YCP]

Hockey News:

Former Bruin Dennis Wideman is spending the lockout playing with the Rangers in Kitchener. Yes, I do mean the OHL team. And no, he's not playing in actual games. [Record]

They're still charging people over the Stanley Cup Riots from OVER a year ago. Wow. Way to be thorough, Canada. [Province]

Hockey East might suffer during the lockout and after. [Herald News]

Here's a kid to keep an eye on for the draft next year - Nikita Zadorov, a 17-year-old defenseman playing for London in the OHL, dropped the gloves with Johnny McGuire, a 19-year-old with 199 OHL PIMs to his name. [LFPress]

So that game we watched yesterday? Apparently that first Zherdev goal was a stunner. Check it out on replay. [Puck Daddy]

The epitome of #lockoutproblems: A bunch of NHLers got kicked off the ice in Minneapolis by a figure skating coach and her eight-year-old student. Hahaha. [Star-Tribune]