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Fresh Links: Janne Makkonen Is A Cool Dude Edition

Have you seen this video yet? If not, you need to. Whether you sympathize with the players or not, this video is a piece of work, made by the guy responsible for the most awesome of playoff montages the last few years.


Links after the jump.

Bruins News:

  • In case you missed it, the United States of Hockey did a nice piece on what hockey Bruins fans can go watch during the lockout in order to support AMERICA. [USoH]

NHL News:

  • The NHLPA sent a memo to players about what they can do during the lockout. [DOY]
  • Sean Avery was spotted canoodling with Pippa Middleton. Oh noes!!!1 [NYDN]
  • Saskatoon is not a viable NHL city. Give it up. [Post]
  • The Blues' stud prospect, Vladimir Tarasenko, had his first press conference in STL today. [Bleedin' Blue]
  • Quebec City's NHL dreams are on hold for a while. Thanks, Phoenix.... [Gazette]
  • Mike Komisarek might go back to school to finish his degree during the lockout. [Post]