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2013-14 Player Report Cards

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Daniel Paille

Better than his linemates. And that's about it.

2013-2014 Player Report Card: Patrice Bergeron

The greatest Boston Bruins player of this generation reestablished himself as an elite goal scorer, reaching the 30 goal mark for the second time in his career.

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla finally joined the right team last year. How did his first season in black and gold turn out?

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Dennis Seidenberg

This is a report card for a guy born in Germany. Germany is a country in Europe. We'll get through this together, people. (*This report card is seven days past due. Punctuality isn't a strong suit.)

2013-2014 Player Report Card: Carl Söderberg

Some things to like, some things not to like but plenty to be hopeful for in 2014-15 (or to put your hopes on, perhaps)

2013-14 Player Report Card: Shawn Thornton

So long and thanks for sprinkling a couple high points in with the disaster of a player you were

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Andrej Meszaros

The Warlock!

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Greg Campbell

I've come to bury Greg, not to praise him.

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Kevan Miller

Warning: heavy bias ahead

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Adam McQuaid

Once again, Adam McQuaid's toughest opponent proves to be himself.

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Matt Bartkowski

Fun fact: Matt Bartkowski has never scored an NHL goal [Ed. Note: Yes he did, in game 7 vs. Toronto]

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Christopher Kelly

Is this the end of the line for #23 in Boston?

2013-2014 Report Cards: The Minor Defensemen

Before appearing in a collective 12 games for Boston, David and Zach were seasoning their game in Providence and Corey was freezing to death in Edmonton.

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Ryan Spooner

Sticking a fork in Spoon's 2nd full pro campaign. How did the Bruins top offensive prospect fare in the 2013/14 season?

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Jordan Caron

It's looking like this might finally be the year the Bruins cut ties with Jordan Caron, leaving Bruins fans to wonder what the deal is with 1st round picks in this market (Note: there is currently only 1 on the active roster)

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Niklas Svedberg

He looked good in his lone NHL appearance, but battled inconsistency in Providence. Where will this leave the 24-year-old moving forward?

2013-2014 Player Report Cards: Nick Johnson

Many fans might remember the sensational run in the preseason for #32. What happened to that guy??

Bruins Report 2014 Report Cards: Matt Fraser

Not only is he a frozen yogurt fiend, but he's an overtime hero as well. See how Matt Fraser's performance fared in his first season with the B's.

2013-2014 Report Cards: The Minor Forwards

These guys did some excellent work down in Providence this year, but how did that translate to their limited time in the NHL?


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