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FINALLY! Bruins 2013 schedule released

It only took....well, forever.

game on.
game on.
Bruce Bennett

The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed and the 2013 Bruins schedule has been released!

The Bruins' 48 game schedule will include eleven games on NBC Sports Network. Of note, also, is that there's almost a one-year gap between Bruins-Canadiens games. Lovely. The first Bruins-Habs game will be on February 6.

The Bruins will play five games against the Senators and Sabres, and four against the Maple Leafs and Canadiens which is pretty much the worst.

January's schedule is as follows:

1/19/13: Bruins vs Rangers @ home, 7PM
1/21/13: Bruins vs. Jets @ home, 1PM
1/23/13: Bruins vs. Rangers @ Madison Square Garden, 7:30PM
1/25/13: Bruins vs. Islanders @ home, 7PM
1/28/13: Bruins vs. Hurricanes @ RBC Arena, 7PM
1/29/13: Bruins vs. Devils @ home, 7PM
1/31/13: Bruins vs. Sabres @ home, 7PM

The rest of the schedule can be found here.

let's talk about how great and/or crappy this schedule is!

EDIT: Here's a cool video from our friends at On The Forecheck about the end of the lockout and explaining the updated CBA. Very informative. Take a look: