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Stanley Cup of Chowder Handbook for Bruins Discussion (2013 Season Edition)


Good morning, everyone. Yesterday there was discussion about which line was first or what and so to clear everything up we're going to start calling lines differently from first, second, third, forth.

Here are the approved names for our forward lines (this is subject to change, please add suggestions in the comments below)

* Bergeron-Seguin-Marchand: Bosom, 1-900, Ladykillers

* Krejci-Lucic-Horton: HuLK line, the Mushroom Kingdom

* Kelly-Peverley-whoever: Holy Trinity, Raptor Jesus and Friends, PuCK.

* Thornton-Campbell-Paille: Merlot

Defensive pairings don't get names and anyways there is no question on what the first line is - whichever pair Chara is in is the first pair.


Tuukka Rask: likely starter. Remember, there are 2 Ks in TUUUUUUUUUUUUUKK

Anton Khudobin: likely backup. Goes by "Dobie" but I bet some of you are going to make burrito jokes too

Powerplay: It sucks. Go ahead, prove me wrong.

Penalty Kill: The Best. Except when you go by goals allowed, but whatever.

Coach Claude Julien: Claude, Hypnoclaude, [that bald guy from king of the hill], Handsome Ralph

GM Peter Chiarelli: Chia, Peter, Supergenius, Teenage Mutant Ninja General Manager

Everything else, work out among yourselves