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Morning Skate: You, too, can be a degenerate gambler!

Bruce Bennett

Some friends of mine run They do daily fantasy head-to-head games. They've been doing baseball and football for the past season of each sport, and I kept bugging them about making a hockey game. They said they would when the season started, which I guess is fair. As tomorrow is the start of the season, they're opening with a couple promotions for opening day. I've played their football and baseball games, it's fun. You put together a roster for that day. It's not unlike the playoff game the Pensblog guys do, except you set it for a day. Scoring is:


  • Goal = 10
  • Assist = 6
  • Shot On Goal = 2
  • Blocked Shot = 2
  • Hit = 2
  • Plus/Minus = (+/-) 1
  • Power Play Goal Bonus = 1
  • Power Play Assist Bonus = 1
  • Shorthand Goal Bonus = 1
  • Shorthand Assist Bonus = 1


  • Goal Against = -5
  • Save = 1
  • Win = 8
  • Shutout = 5

and you have a "$100,000" budget to pick players. The reason I'm using a morning skate to tell y'all is that they have a deal for Chowdaheads: If you sign up through this link, they'll match the first 100 bucks you put in. They also have free games. There's one for tomorrow that's free to enter and you could win 500 bucks, and if you're a new signup you'll also get entered into one for 1000 bucks. Heck, you might be able to afford tickets with that kind of money. Make sure to pick guys that have been playing for the first few weeks. Here's the link again: