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Saturday Morning Skate: LET'S GOOOOOOOO

Del Zaster!
Del Zaster!
Bruce Bennett

It's here. The NHL Season is really here. I didn't think we'd make it, but here we are. A little stir crazy, sure, but...

Hockey Season is Fucking Finally Back!

And just in time, we're getting those jerks from New York. You remember them, right? Marion Gaborik, Brad Richards, and Rick Nash up front for the "We Hate The American Heartland" line. Marc Staal leads the defense until he gets traded to Carolina or goes there as a UFA. Their goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, uses too much hair gel and just has the dreamiest eyes. It's like the first time you listened to Abbey Road...


...where was I? Oh right, fuck all new york sports teams. That's correct. Sorry, I forgot myself. It happens sometimes. The important thing is that Hockey's back, y'all. Even if Jacobs is still a mega-jerk for taking it away for months. So don't buy concessions, but otherwise have a beautiful day of hockey.

Today's games:


Should be great!