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Sunday Links: The Day After Edition

Feels good to have a bit of a hockey hangover, doesn't it. No more HRR, just Stanley Cup Banner Raising, Goalies Being Pulled, Enforcers Fighting, Scorers Scoring. Theres more today too.

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Bruins Win Home Opener for the 2013 Season
Bruins Win Home Opener for the 2013 Season
Jared Wickerham

Bruins News

  • Jeremy Jacobs Spoke Yesterday - If You're Into That Sort of Thing []
  • Rangers Fall to Bruins, from the NY Point of View. [NY Daily News]
  • It Was Worth The Wait []
  • Torts Angry Over Penalties []
  • Rask Stands Tall As Bruins Defeat Rangers [Globe and Mail]
NHL News
  • Hockey is Back - Includes CBC Montage [The Sporting News ]
  • LA Kings Get Rings, Raise Banner. []
  • Social Media Response to LA Kings Ceremony []
  • Canucks Lose, Pull Schneider After Giving Up 5 Goals on 14 Shots [Vancouver Sun]
  • Winnipeg Drops Opener - Blech [Winnipeg Free Press]
Fun Stuff
  • Shawn Thornton Fights Mike Rupp [Hoity You Tube]