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We are the best. The NHL just hopped on board the Trees for Goals initiative. Owns.

NHL Green announces Hat Tricks for Trees


So. You guys. I just got this in an email (and it's online here, as well):

NHL Green today announces the launch of Hat Tricks for Trees™, an initiative assisting The Nature Conservancy’s effort to save Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. The National Hockey League Foundation, through NHL Green’s Hat Tricks for Trees™, will donate 50 trees for every hat trick scored throughout the 2012-13 regular season and NHL Playoffs.

The initiative grew out of a recent online exchange between Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference and the Bruin’s community blog Stanley Cup of Chowder. Initially, the blog pledged to donate 50 trees for every goal scored by Ference this season. The Boston blueliner then delivered his own pledge, a commitment to plant 50 trees for every goal scored by teammate Tyler Seguin.

All contributions will support TNC’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign, a major restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2008 to restore Brazil's Atlantic Forest. The campaign aims to restore one million acres of land by helping plant one billion trees by 2015. The effort has the potential to remove four million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

Basically: we are awesome. The NHL is donating trees for hat tricks. We're donating trees for goals. You're donating trees for all sorts of wacky things. You are all awesome and we love this.

Reminders! Here is the page to go to for donations. Please let us know HERE what you are donating for. Please also screencap your donation pages - we might have something cool to give away if you end up donating more than 50 trees. :)

We'll start including a roundup of our current totals in the postgame recap - so get going!

I mean, even Habs fans are in on it, we have to outdo them, right?