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Off-Day GDT: Let's Watch Some Hockey!


Center Ice Is free for most through January, so I decided to make an off-night GDT. Some games this evening in the NHL:

Some storylines for the folks at home:

  • Ryan Suter's first game vs. Nashville.
  • Chicago/St. Louis, San Jose/Edmonton are both matchups between undefeated teams
  • Neither LA or Colorado have earned a point yet. One of them is guaranteed a win tonight!
  • Can Florida keep Montreal's so-far-perfect season rolling?
  • Could there be a more fucking miserable matchup between teams' locations as Philly/Jersey? Could there? Well sure, if you want to make Winnipeg cry.

If you're looking for other sites gamethreads, click on the relevant game on the right and then "Gamethreads" and then the one you want.

Which games are y'all interested in? Who ya got?