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Thoughts from the morning after: Bruins fall to Rangers 4-3

Five out of six points so far isn't too bad, but the loss was still a disappointing one.

crouching tiger flying dougie
crouching tiger flying dougie
Bruce Bennett

A few thoughts on the loss:

  • Dougie Hamilton played a pretty disappointing first period before rebounding for the remainder of the game. I think we're going to see that a lot throughout the season - he'll make some serious mistakes but correct them quickly.
  • Hamilton's shot selection is incredible. A good number of his shots got right through to Lundqvist and made the Rangers' defense, known for shot-blocking and sacrificing the body, look like just the opposite.
  • Seidenberg needs to get healthy, stat. As awesome as it is to have The Tallest Blueline with Hamilton paired with Zdeno Chara, the depth on defense is watery at best when Johnny Boychuk and Aaron Johnson are out there together.
  • Was Adam McQuaid's fight against Brian Boyle proof that everyone really did overreact to his preseason fight? I'm inclined to think so. Relatedly, good to see him smiling while he fights, again. I'll see that face in my nightmares.
  • How great did Milan Lucic look? In order to be the most effective, Lucic needs to park himself in front of the goal and bang home rebounds - exactly what he did last night.
  • The most excellent moment of the night had to be when Nathan Horton scored the goal to tie it up late in the third period. It's been a long time coming.
  • The Bruins are no longer 0-for on the power play! Feels good man. They're also a perfect 14-for-14 on the penalty kill - including a long 3-on-5 kill last night. As Phonymahoney said, when you're more confident that they'll score when shorthanded than with the man advantage, you know you're watching the Bruins.
  • Here is the Blueshirt Banter game recap if you want something slightly more coherent.
  • The NHL has now seen two hat tricks; unfortunately one was Marian Gaborik's. All Bruins fandom incredible did Gaborik look with Nash? Despite the Rangers' apparent lack of depth up front, that line will make them a threat.