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Friday Morning Skate: Why I Stand With Tim Thomas

Alex Wong

Editor's Note: This post was purchased by the fine folks at Pension Plan Puppets for a donation to Movember. Feel free to disagree in the comments instead of starting a torch and pitchfork mob.

It's been a little over a year since The Bruins took their famous trip to the White House, and Tim Thomas sat out. Over the course of the next six months or so, we got to take a look inside the mind that can set goaltending records and win a Vezina, Stanley, and Smythe in the same year. And I've paid a little attention to it, but after reviewing it all a bit more, I've come to the conclusion that I stand with Tim Thomas.

I stand with Tim Thomas on his decision to skip the White House. He's a Sovereign Citizen and it's his right to go where he does and doesn't want. Nevermind that it was an official team event and the GM that gave him his NHL shot and millions of dollars pleaded with him for months about it. Tim Thomas is his own man. He can do as he pleases. If that means snubbing the President of the United States out of some sort of non-partisan, non-political political move, then I will stand with him. As you can see, I also didn't go to the White House with the Bruins. Of course, I just don't want to be in a room with Lord Lockout, Jeremy Jacobs.

I stand with Tim Thomas as he stands with Chik-fil-A. Who cares if they're explicitly anti-gay? Have you tried their chicken? It's delicious! Who wouldn't want to stand in line for that? So, I stand in line for chik-fil-a with Tim Thomas. Unless Chara comes over and clears the crease for him, of course. Nothing to be done there.

I stand with Tim Thomas as he reconnects with the three F's. Friends, Family, and Faith. These are all very important things in a life. Friends will get you through the day to day, Family should get you through the best and worst of times, and Faith will get you to keep buying playoff tickets until your credit card is maxed out and your Gahden bar of choice has your food and drink ready when you walk in the door. I think Tim is further away from home than usual and he needed to really put the work in to reconnect with those. And if I'd made 15 million over the last three years I might take a vacation into semi-retirement, too.

I stand with Tim Thomas and his outlook on the economy. We're fucked, guys. It's all going down and the prudent thing to do is buy seeds, gold, and guns and retreat to Colorado. Heck, Ray Bourque did it. Well, sort of. He brought his kids (seeds), and his all-time-shots-on-goal-record (guns), and ended up with the Stanley Cup (gold). Gabriel Landeskog is pretty awesome to watch, too.

I stand with Tim Thomas as he supports Team USA. Because, come on. Who doesn't love a little America?

I stand with Tim Thomas as he grows a mustache. Because come on, mustaches are awesome. Without them, this post wouldn't exist. And who doesn't love this post?

Again, this was purchased as part of my Movember campaign. Our team ended up raising over $11,000 this year. Thank you to everyone who donated or spread the word.