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No Sweep This Year: Bruins Beat Hurricanes, 5-3

Bruins win! The weird curse of not being able to beat Carolina is over!

Grant Halverson

4-0-1, my friends. It's delicious. And that much more so because it means the Bruins have laid one of the bizarre demons from last year to rest: their inexplicable inability to beat the Carolina Hurricanes. Quick and dirty recap (with bonus quotes from our internet-less commander in chief, Sarah):

1. Bruins came out flying. One shortie, one power play goal (no really!) in the first ten minutes. Nice start against a team that gives the Bs fits, and a goalie that was super stingy when it came to the Bruins last year.

2. It is just SO freaking good to have Nathan Horton back. Scoring goals, getting assists: love it. Also, quoth Sarah: "Alex Semin going for a line change as Horton was entering the Canes' zone for a goal hahahaha."

3. The end of the second period, eeeesh. Not the third line's finest moment - they looked gassed.

4. That Jeff Skinner: not sucky at hockey, eh? That goal was dirty, dirty stuff.

5. In case you missed it (and how could you, with everyone's collective hockey-gasms), Dougie Hamilton's pass to Krejci for the game-winning goal was some kind of something.

6. Tyler Seguin scored a (empty net) goal!!!! Let the floodgates open, as they say.

7. Bergeron vs. Skinner. Sarah: "Trolololololo." I think that about sums it up.

8. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, that penalty kill. It had to come up big again tonight, with the Bruins killing off 6 penalties. That officially brings them to 23 for 23, methinks? They also lead the league in face-off wins, with a pretty effing great 60.5% win percentage.

Good win, boys! Now home, for those pesky Devils.

(PS, in news that isn't news, Dougie's here to stay, to the surprise of literally not a single person. Welcome to the big leagues, kid!)