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Bruins beat Devils 2-1 in the shootout after idiot Bruins fan nearly jeopardizes everything

After largely a dreary game, highlighted by one Bruins goal late in the game, some fucking moron almost lost the game for the Bruins in the shootout. And I don't mean a moron on the actual team.

Jared Wickerham

This is supposed to be a recap. You're getting something slightly different. Deal with it.

The Bruins fought back from a 1-0 deficit to a team that loves to keep games low-scoring. Late in the third, it looked like it was going to be the first regulation loss of the season, when by the grace of St. Patrice, Nathan Horton found the back of the net, and it was great. The Bruins dragged it out through overtime to a shootout, and just as in the game against the Jets, Tyler Seguin teed one up - and scored.

As he scored, some sort of unidentified flying garbage came flying out from behind Johan Hedberg and landed to the left of his skate. Unidentified fan-thrown garbage.

Bruins fans. Garbage. On the ice. In the shootout. Not even after a loss. Not even after a win. DURING THE GAME.

That's pretty much the most unacceptable thing ever.

It really should go without saying - the TD Garden should be treated the way you treat your home. With respect. They say it before games; don't throw crap on the ice or it could affect calls on your team. GUESS WHAT. THAT HAPPENED.

Apparently the garbage thrown was a hot dog. (ironically, probably a Jeremy Jacobs paid-for hot dog.) Tyler Seguin was made to re-do his shot; luckily for that fucktard of a fan, Tyler Seguin is excellent in the shootout , and scored again. What happens to that fan if Seguin doesn't score? What happens if Ilya Kovalchuk gets flashy and out-dekes Rask, and the Devils win the game?

How crappy would everyone feel? How crappy would that complete neanderthal of a fan have felt? (Would he have felt anything, or was he so soaked in beer that nothing mattered anymore?) Why do we have to worry about the complete NITWITS in our fanbase doing nonsense like this?

I love this team. You love this team. There are a lot of really great, smart people who love this team. But for every one of us, there's any number of brainless window-lickers wearing "win or lose, we still booze" shirts who do crap like this - like kicking a hole in the wall in the bathroom, like getting into fights with fans of opposing teams, like ruining the experience for everyone else.

Following the Bruins is pretty much the greatest. But man, our fanbase really blows sometimes.

And you know what - if it was a Devils fan who threw the thing? You're just as big of an idiot. You're a guest. Treat the building with respect. And why would you try to screw up your goalie's chances by distracting him? I don't even. Get out, I'm done here.

Other stuff:

- man, most of that game was boring.

- Brad Marchand taunting the bench is going to be The Story in the Boston media and around the world tomorrow; book it. Apparently the Devils bench was taunting him the whole game. Like that matters. Ha ha ha.

- How clutch is Nathan Horton? How easily we all forgot how useful he is, him having been out for so long and all.

- It will be good to see Adam McQuaid back in the lineup on Thursday. He is in fact fine; according to Claude Julien, he slept in an airport last night and that pretty much warranted a night off.

- Shawn Thornton's fight against Krys Barch was their sixth fight all-time.

- Apparently Seguin is having trouble adjusting back to the smaller ice surface. Interesting. Hadn't even considered that.