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Fresh Links: USA! USA! USA! Edition

USA Spanks Canada In World Juniors, Eh?


Good news for a change, Team USA will meet Sweden in WJC finals showdown:

  • Video highlights- McCabe and Gaudreau notch two apiece in 5-1 win. [ TSN ]
  • Don’t be too hard on Malcolm Subban, though. [ Toronto Sun ]
  • Watch for jubilant, unscripted outbursts of joy from Team Russia’s Maxim Shalunov. [ ]

Oh, and there is NHL news, too.

  • NHL and NHLPA meetings wrapped late, and there was a mediator. [ NBC Sports ]
  • Discussions were substantive, frank, and will continue today. [ NY Hockey Journal ]
  • Disclaimer of interest was reportedly not filed, and a re-vote would be required to do so at this point. [ Pro Hockey Talk ]
  • Andrew Ference sat in on the session yesterday. [ @NaokoFunayama ]

And in other hockey related news:

  • The lockout may have been a blessing in disguise for Adam McQuaid. [ Boston Herald ]
  • A good fan video of Tyler Seguins tenure in Biel. Turn down your volume first. [ YouTube ]
  • The Bettman and Hobbes, with apologies to Calvin and Hobbes. [ Puck Daddy ]
  • Yet another heartwarming reminder that we own hockey. [ ]