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Wednesday Morning Skate: Did we win?

Jared Wickerham

I don't know about you guys but I got really bored during the game last night and left, to wander aimlessly the streets of boston. I think it was a better use of my ti-

Whoops, better start again. Anyhow, I'm sure you're all bored to death about the game and that's cool because we definitely don't have to talk about it. I mean, sure we're all waiting for the shitshow game where the Bruins fuck up some chump team on the scoreboard and in the ring but it hasn't really happened yet. The Islanders don't count. Here's hoping they get a game like that soo-

OH COME ON I'M TRYING TO DO SOMETHING OVER HERE. Fine. Here's the stupid dafoomie video of the hot dog thing, I'm going home. Harrumph.