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Friday Mourning Skate: Sing the Damn Anthem, Kids

Seriously, come on.

Richard Wolowicz

Some of us have been watching world junior games, and I've been noticing a disturbing trend: nobody is singing the anthem of their country when they win. Team Canada stoically accepts the anthem. Team Russia worries about smiling. Team Latvia never gets to hear their anthem. Team Finland made the relegation round so I'm guessing they're in the same boat as Latvia, but TSN didn't show any non-Ufa games.

The exception? Sweden. And look at where Sweden is. Playing Team USA in the gold medal game at 8am tomorrow morning. Why are they doing that? Well, it's because they beat Russia in a shootout yesterday morning. In Russia. A Russian team that includes Nail Yakupov and Alexander Khokhlachev, both of whom have been dirty good at offense all tournament. And here Sweden is, able to overcome KGB-sponsored reffing to defend their gold medal.

So take note, rest of the world: Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together, and Sing the Damn Anthem. Let's go!

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