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Trees for goals is now a thing because Andrew Ference is excellent (UPDATED!)


Bruce Bennett

So yesterday you probably saw that Andrew Ference had a great tweet about the end of the lockout.

The tweet in question was this:

Ference followed it up with a series of tweets about how sorry he was that the lockout happened. They were pretty heartfelt. We're all excited to see Ference and the rest of the Bruins back on the ice, but with the season being shorter we figured maybe a little extra incentive would be good.

He retweeted and responded:

Excellent. So not only will Ference get to donate 50 trees for every Tyler Seguin goal, but also he will probably now have a career year and I'll be broke by the end of it and the world will have a lot more trees. Which, hey, that's pretty cool! We'll keep a running tally of how many trees are donated somewhere on this site.

IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE: Go to, make your donation, TAKE A SCREENCAP OF YOUR DONATION, and we'll add your trees to the tally. If you're donating for another player's goal, that's cool too! Just tell us who it's for. Let's plant some trees, Chowderites. #treesforgoals