The SCoC/EOTP #TreesforGoals Challenge

As an offshoot of the ever growing (both puns completely intended) #TreesforGoals that has been formed, a secondary challenge has been set out (as of this moment, it has not been answered) to stir up the dormancy that has become the Bruins/Canadiens fan rivalry. #TreesforGoals is looking to be extended to goals scored in the season series.

The contest is simple:

-For every goal scored, the opposite team will donate 5 trees.

-The goals must come in regulation or OT

-Goals in a shootout would not count towards the total BUT the losing team of the SO would donate 5 trees for the "goal" added to the final score.

-As many members of both blogs can commit to this.

The same rules apply to this as proof from the main contest. (screencap the donation and we will add it to the total). Donations will be made at and we will all total up the amount of trees donated by the end of the season. Please comment at the bottom of this so we can get a head count of this as well and make sure youre counted towards this.

Its a great cause and a great way to get the pot stirred up again. Let's drop the puck!

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