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Is Wayne Cashman Really the Best Bruin Who Never Played for Anyone Else?

Not this guy...
Not this guy...
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Down Goes Brown made a list of "best players to play every game for the same franchise." He ranked them and whatever, who cares about that. The Bruins didn't make the list, except for the addendum to the honorable mentions, where he said this:

Wayne Cashman (Bruins, 1964-1983) — It’s disturbingly difficult to work a Bruin onto this list.

It's obvious what he did: Go to the hockey-reference page, scroll to the Career Leaders in GP, and pick the first guy that didn't have a different team. Here, check it out:

Rank Player GP w/ Bruins Other Team
1. Raymond Bourque* 1518 COL
2. John Bucyk* 1436 DET
3. Don Sweeney 1052 DAL
4. Wayne Cashman 1027 N/A
5. Terry O'Reilly 891 N/A
6. Rick Middleton 881 NYR
7. Don Marcotte 868 N/A
8. Dallas Smith 861 NYR
9. Dit Clapper* 833 N/A
10. P.J. Axelsson 797 N/A

Is this the best way to do it? It could be. The list is based on Games Played with a team, and this is a list of players with Games Played with a team. Let's look, for a second, at Points with the Bruins instead:

Rank Player P w/ Bruins Other Team
1. Raymond Bourque* 1506 COL
2. John Bucyk* 1339 DET
3. Phil Esposito* 1012 NYR
4. Rick Middleton 898 NYR
5. Bobby Orr* 888 CHI
6. Wayne Cashman 793 N/A
7. Ken Hodge 674 CHI,NYR
8. Terry O'Reilly 606 N/A
9. Cam Neely* 590 VAN
10. Peter McNab 587 BUF,VAN,NJD

Huh, there's Wayne Cashman again, then Terry O'Reilly. I suppose it could be one of them. DGB is right, this is disturbing. Oh! Aha! Perhaps we are missing something here! GOALIES! That's right, goalies aren't included on the GP list because most of them play fewer than the whole game. Let's look at Goalies by GP:

Rank Player GP w/ Bruins Other Team(s)
1. Tiny Thompson* 468 DET
2. Frank Brimsek* 444 CHI
Eddie Johnston 444 TOR,STL,CHI
4. Gerry Cheevers* 416 TOR,CLC(wha)
5. Tim Thomas 378 FLA
6. Byron Dafoe 283 WSH,LAK,ATL
7. Gilles Gilbert 277 MIN,DET
8. Andy Moog 261 EDM,DAL,MTL
9. Jim Henry 237 NYR,CHI
10. Reggie Lemelin 183 ATL,CGY

Oh, I see. Hmmm. Well, it could have been Thomas, but he's in Florida ruining things. Okay, there's one more venue we haven't exhausted: Retired Numbers. These are the players that the team itself sees as the best. Check it out:

Number Player Other Team(s)
2 Eddie Shore* NYA
3 Lionel Hitchman OTT
4 Bobby Orr* CHI
5 Dit Clapper* N/A
7 Phil Esposito* NYR
8 Cam Neely* VAN
9 John Bucyk* DET
15 Milt Schmidt* N/A
24 Terry O'Reilly N/A
77 Raymond Bourque* COL

So, uh...Dit Clapper, Milt Schmidt, Terry O'Reilly, Wayne Cashman, or P.J. Axelsson: who's the best? Did I miss someone?