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Friday #FlorthEast Recap Roundup: Brad Boyes and the Penalty Kill's first EP was awesome

Mike Carlson

I'm giving this a spin on a whim, but here is what may turn into a regular feature: A #FlorthEast Recap Roundup. The idea is that I go to all of the #FlorthEast SBNation blogs, and cherry pick some lines out of their recaps because they're interesting or I chuckle at them or it's well written or whatever. Ready? Me either. Let's Go!

Litter Box Cats: 7-2 Loss to Tampa Bay

The two bright spots through four games have been Brad Boyes and the penalty kill, meanwhile the problem areas exposed in just four games are building up into a nasty dark cloud that can potentially hang over the team for the rest of the season...and maybe beyond?

Raw Charge: 3-2 OT Win Over Buffalo

Ben Bishop, drawing his second straight start after a superb performance against the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday, was near-perfect yet again. He stopped all 16 shots he faced at even strength, raising his current ESSV% up to a ridiculous .979.

Pension Plan Puppets: 3-1 Win over Philadelphia

It'll be really interesting to see who has a better career over the next few years, and Bernier's small sample size aside, it's really nice for the Leafs to be in a position where they have two talented goalies to choose from, rather than trying to pick which garbage fire has smoldered a little less recently.

Habs Eyes on the Prize: 3-2 Loss to Calgary

Things to note by this point in the game: Francis Bouillon has more ice time than P.K. Subban does. How does something like that happen? Well he's Michel Therrien's best friend, remember? Bouillon had a very good first two games of the season, but he and Tinordi were heavily exposed last night on the road. Bouillon's most mystifying moves of the night? Turning the puck directly over to the Flames three times in the final minute while the net was empty. He had time and space each and every time, including open teammates, but he passed to the Flames. Why?

Winging It In Motown: 4-1 Loss to Boston

2nd Period 00:36 - Boston Goal: Brad Marchand (wrist shot) from Johnny Boychuk

Before heroically dying later in the period, Brad Marchand scores what would be the game-winner on a zone rush.

Die By The Blade: 4-1 Loss to Columbus

The Sabres defense just looked horrid with both Tyler Myers and Mike Weber standing out as the worst of the bunch. Starting the game together, the pair was on the ice of the first three Columbus goals.

Silver Seven Sens: 4-3 OT Loss to Los Angeles

Thankfully, Chris Neil returned to the Ottawa bench a few minutes later with a sizeable cut on his nose and the beginnings of a black eye.

So, uh, yeah. That's what's happening around the divison. If this is a feature you'd like to continue, let me know. If this is a feature we should all just forget exists, uh, let me know about that as well, I guess. Depending on how people like it, I could see it becoming a recurring thing.